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Proton VPN Free may not be quite right for everyone.

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Partly that’s for its nicely-judged mix of features, power and app quality. But it’s also because the service doesn’t pile on the limits and restrictions to try and persuade you to upgrade. This is a free VPN you could use long-term. There are no data limits with Proton, for instance.

That’s convenient, but it’s also a big privacy plus, because you don’t have to pick and choose where you use the VPN when data’s running low. If you feel there’s a risk, or you’re unsure, then just get connected: Proton VPN Free is always available.

Proton hasn’t punished free users by leaving out key features, either. Some free providers drop the kill switch, WireGuard, maybe even support, but Proton VPN Free has all the core privacy features you need to stay safe online. There are still significant limits. Although you can install Proton VPN on as many devices as you like, you can only connect one at a time.

There’s no access to Proton VPN’s specialist streaming servers, no P2P support, or bonus extras such as ad and malware-blocking — to use them, you’ll have to upgrade to a premium plan opens in new tab. None of this prevents Proton VPN Free from doing its central job, though, and much better than most of the competition. Its well-engineered, open-source and audited apps are easy to use, but also stuffed with useful tweaks, tools and technologies.

The service topped our free VPN speed charts at Mbps, too — so fast that it beats some paid services. Proton VPN Free may not be quite right for everyone. If you absolutely must have a location in the UK, for instance, or some other country not on Proton’s very short list, then PrivadoVPN and Windscribe below each have around 10 countries to choose from. But for most users, Proton VPN Free delivers just about everywhere: it’s fast, secure, and has powerful features, yet it’s also very easy to use.

If you need a free VPN, try this one first. PrivadoVPN Free may not quite have made our top spot, but keep reading: the service has some unique and very worthwhile features which just might make it your preferred provider. The company can’t match Proton VPN’s unlimited data scheme, for instance, but its 10GB monthly allowance is enough for many.

And even if the data tap runs dry, you then get unlimited data via an ’emergency server. That first 10GB of data is better than many, too. Even most paid VPNs can’t say the same. The service has some issues and limits. PrivadoVPN Free only supports one connection; if you install it on your laptop and your phone, you can only use one at a time. The apps are solid and reliable, but can’t match Proton for features.

And the company hasn’t verified its privacy credentials with an independent audit. Overall, though, PrivadoVPN Free is an excellent service which scores in all the most important areas. Its streaming results are a standout feature, and even if you’re currently using a paid VPN for unblocking, it may be worth installing PrivadoVPN Free as a backup. Windscribe Free VPN is a quality Canadian service whose appealing mix of features more than justifies its top three place.

That’s enough to protect a lot of online activity, though, and Windscribe Free VPN has its own plus point as compensation. Most free plans restrict you to only one connection, but Windscribe has no limits: you can install and use it on as many devices simultaneously as you need. The network is another highlight, with Windscribe Free VPN users able to choose from 14 locations across 11 countries.

Speeds are around Mbps in our most recent tests. That’s two thirds what we saw with Proton VPN Free, but it’s likely to be good enough for most situations. The apps are more about power than simplicity, and if you’re new to VPNs, they might seem confusing in some areas. But they’re not difficult to operate at a basic level, more experienced users get all kinds of tools and features to play with, and our tests show they’re also reliable and deliver on their promises.

There are some surprising plus points, too. Atlas VPN Free first caught our eye with its impressive data allowance. The service isn’t as generous with its locations. You’re able to connect a couple of devices simultaneously, though our top two free VPNs only allow one , and our speed tests found Atlas VPN Free reached an above-average Mbps.

Factor in the P2P support, and Atlas could be a smart torrenting choice. We aren’t quite as convinced by the apps. They cover the basics, and what you get works well the kill switch passed all our tests, for instance.

But they’re a little short on features, with a few small usability hassles, and can’t match the likes of Proton VPN. The service does have an independent audit, and that’s a step above many competitors. But it’s also relatively limited, covering the iOS app only. It doesn’t support unblocking any streaming sites, for instance, but we found the service got us into Disney Plus, and maybe you’ll have luck with other sites.

Overall, while Atlas VPN Free has some issues, we found it generally did a good job of protecting us online, and Mac users in particular will love the 2GB a day data allowance. Not the best around, but enough to get by for most users — and useful as a torrenting VPN. There’s some bad news with features, as Hide.

We expect free VPNs to leave out some of the more advanced extras, but not something this fundamental. Auto-connect on accessing untrusted Wi-Fi, custom DNS, split tunneling, a powerful kill switch, advanced protocol tweaks, capable browser extensions: they’re all here.

Great news for experts, although others might feel this makes for a more complex and intimidating interface.

Performance is more of a concern. Its paid service is one of the fastest VPN services around, but we found Hide. That’s enough speed for browsing, streaming and most other tasks, though, and if you’ll use Hide. Hotspot Shield Basic is a popular free VPN plan with a very major plus: in June , Hotspot Shield began upgrading the service to offer unlimited data across all platforms.

In a world where most free VPNs restrict you to 10GB a month or even less, being able to use the service as much as you like is a huge advantage. So, you might be wondering, why is Hotspot Shield Basic not higher up our Best list?

One major catch with the service is it only allows connecting to a single US location. Usability issues and irritations include mobile apps which regularly display video ads when you connect.

The Mac app has no ads, but does open pages at the Hotspot Shield website every time you connect and disconnect. One big privacy problem is that Hotspot Shield Basic doesn’t include a kill switch. If the VPN connection drops, your traffic may be unprotected. Oh, and if you have any problems with any of this, there’s no live chat or email support.

You’re left to browse the Hotspot Shield website and figure out a solution yourself. This makes it difficult to recommend Hotspot Shield Basic above the competition, even with its unlimited data. But it may still be useful for simple tasks, or as an emergency backup for another provider, and it’s worth checking out the service for yourself.

While most VPNs sell themselves on their lengthy lists of advanced technical features, TunnelBear Free VPN is all about creating a simple service which is easy for anyone to use. And it takes this to a surprising extreme. Most VPNs boast around all the protocols they support, for example, and give you stacks of settings in their apps: great if you understand VPN protocols, but what if you don’t?

TunnelBear Free VPN simplifies this by not even mentioning protocols in its website feature lists, support pages or most of its apps. It just handles them itself, rather than exposing users to the low-level details. The apps have other advanced features, although TunnelBear tries to soften these with less technical language. There’s a kill switch called VigilantBear, for instance, and split tunneling called SplitBear. The end result is a service with some positives.

Some VPNs, at best, could unblock a few sites but have no privacy feature. This is the exact reason why you should be very careful while choosing a free VPN. A VPN creates a secure connection over the open internet by encrypting all traffic between your device and the VPN server. A VPN is an application that enables users to access blocked content and surf the internet privately by encrypting internet traffic. A VPN software is either installed in your smartphone, desktop, or as a plugin in your browser.

Once you install the VPN on your device, you choose your preferred location to browse through. In short, VPN is a tool that allows you to protect your privacy and security online while giving you access to content blocked by your government, ISP, office, or parents. Most people think using VPN is not ethical and is mainly used to do illegal stuff, which is false and illogical. On the contrary, VPN is an ethical tool to protect your privacy and security online.

The most common reason is privacy, especially if you live in countries where internet censorship is rampant. Yes, the majority of free VPNs are safe to use. The only major issue with free VPNs is that they have fewer servers than paid ones, and the server speed may vary. Most VPNs with a free version can encrypt your internet traffic and overcome geo-restrictions. However, some free unlimited VPN services might not encrypt the data properly and are vulnerable.

Although it is always advisable to pay for a good quality VPN service to get the most comprehensive security coverage, free VPN apps are not that bad. First, you need to find the best and most reliable VPN service provider according to your needs. After that, sign up with the service, if required. Once you have subscribed to a good quality VPN service, download their client software on your device — Windows, macOS, or Linux — to start using it immediately.

This will usually be a small executable file. After connecting to a VPN server, you will be able to browse the internet as if you were located somewhere else — even on restricted networks like schools or workplaces.

The first one is a desktop application installed like any other app. The other is browser VPN which is installed in browser as a Plugin. Most of the free VPNs for windows are available for desktop and browser both. It also offers a day money-back guarantee to everyone who are not satisfied. Offering over servers in 63 countries, Windscribe is perfect for anyone looking for a vast network of locations to connect. Android devices are undoubtedly the largest market of VPN service providers.

Their user interface is easy to use, and their server network provides excellent coverage worldwide. It is very lightweight and connects quickly. However, TunnelBear also offers an Unlimited data plan that starts at Rs per month. Hotspot Shield is free to use with limited data and ads.

Its unique feature of integrating multiple Wi-Fi connections for optimum performance makes it a top choice for android smartphone users. For iPhone and iOS VPN apps, choices narrow down to only a few as you cannot download files from third-party websites and install them on your iPhone. Users can keep using Turbo VPN as long as they want see a few ads. It supports unlimited bandwidth and provides a lifetime subscription. You can avail a free 7-day trial of VPN Unlimited.

Most of the VPNs are available for all devices and platforms. While one might be suitable for PC, but not be a good fit for Android. It can be great for streaming but might not be good enough for gaming. You just need an email to sign up for most of these free VPN services. Our editor has compiled some of the best VPNs to decode this problem for different purposes.

Here are a few points you should consider before downloading a free VPN for your PC or any other device. Suppose you want to get a premium or paid VPN for your device. In that case, you must consider factors like the number of devices you can sync, inter-platform operability, bandwidth, and effective per-user pricing.

However, if you are eyeing a free VPN service, check for server location, ads, speed, and security features. List your priorities before you download a VPN. You can get a plugin for your browser. Make your research based on your preference, like gaming, streaming, browsing, or privacy protection.


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Proton VPN’s amazing free version has no limit on data usage, it’s an Editors’ Choice winner and one of the best VPNs. Proton VPN has one of the most attractive free options we’ve seen from any VPN. Without paying anything at all, you can get an ad-free VPN with no data logging and no bandwidth limits. Apr 08,  · Download: Click Here PC Gamer Newsletter VPN for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and routers BUT, i never heard of someone getting banned on Steam for just using a VPN for internet privacy Since launching in , Disney Plus has opened the door to Since launching in , Disney Plus has opened the door to. This web application teaches you how to get VPN Master app on your Windows and Mac This web application teaches you how to get VPN Master app on your Windows and Mac VPN Master for PC Tutorial Additional Information. Website. Report abuse skins & free backgrounds, you can customize any website with your own color scheme in a click.